Sunday, September 13, 2015

Goals and Rewards

Well AF has arrived yet again and I am definitely not pregnant. Oe thing that got me thinking is that even though we've given ourselves a time-frame for baby #3, that perhaps we should wait until I'm at a healthier weight. We've been planning for a few weeks to switch from a Primal diet, to a Keto diet. Primal was good, Hubbs had great results, but my loss was significantly slower. Over the last 2 weeks or so, I've gained quite a bit back.
Starting tomorrow, we are moving to a primal diet, with keto ratios. It's going to be hard, and but hopefully I can stick to it. I'm just tired of being huge and miserable. I plan on taking some before pics tomorrow, but I'll wait until there's an after to share them.
So the goal is that once I've lost 50lbs, we can start trying to have another baby. I'd lost 29 from when we'd started Primal, but since Lumpy died, I've gained 14 back. I have a lot more than 50 to lose based on my height/frame/etc, but 50 will be the halfway point and I hope to be significantly healthier once I get there.
Good luck to us!

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