Thursday, September 10, 2015


I took a pregnancy test for funsies today. I don't have many of my typical pregnancy symptoms, but I've just been feeling off. AF isn't due for another few days, so it easily could have been a false negative from testing too early.

I have to admit though, I was really disappointed that it was negative. As I was waiting for the window to display the results, I was saying to myself "It's going to be negative, and that's ok". I still just felt kind of crushed when it actually was.

A few years ago when Hubbs and I were trying so hard and getting negatives month after month, you start to dread even POAS because you just know it's going to be negative even though you want that positive so badly.

I know that I tested early, but I really was hoping for a BFP. AF is due Saturday, so I'll just wait until then, or knowing my luck, it will start in about 30 mins, which always seems to happen when I bother taking a test.

Going to have to wait a little longer for our Rainbow.

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