Monday, December 17, 2012

Just 5 Long Cycles

As 2012 is rapidly coming to a close, I've noticed that so far, I've only had 5 cycles this year. FIVE. That is it. While I guess most women would be envious that I hardly ever have to stock up on tampons... but seriously, wtf, just five. Only five chances to even remotely try to get a fertilized egg out of it, granted, my body has just been hoarding them all year anyway, so the fact that I've managed to have five cycles at all is quite miraculous in my opinion. lol.

We're still waiting to hear back and start the screening process for this infertility/weight loss study that's supposed to start in the next month or so. I hope we get in, but if I get this new job, then we won't actually be able to be around for the full 6 months of the study. At this point I don't even know what to do. We're moving on and trying to adopt, but it would be nice to lose some weight. I've been struggling with my weight  for as long as I can remember and would really like to get rid of my giant belly that I constantly fear someone will mistake for a real baby instead of a food baby.

For now I'm just going to look forward to my little Christmas vacation and hope that everything works out for the best and that at least one of our awesome plans comes to fruition.

I subbed at an elementary school again today and the kids were very sweet and well behaved. I will totally try everything in my power to keep subbing for that age group, because seriously, they're awesome.

Tomorrow we're going to the adoption agency and I'm bummed because my Dr's office can't process my request for like, 2 weeks or something lame like that. I think I might just swing by before class and try to get them to just photocopy my chart for me or something. That's all that we're missing, I just have to find our tax returns from the last 2 years, I think they're somewhere easy to find... maybe. Well I for sure know where last year's are! lol. I should just start being smart and keep them in the same folder, but I don't. grrr.

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  1. Good luck!!