Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My First Bike Wreck and Other Shenanigans

So I got into a scooter wreck last night. Good times, I appear to be intact and have just a few bumps and bruises, my back is acting up as well, but that's to be expected after biffing it and sliding UPHILL underneath a scooter in 4" of snow, right? lol. Seriously though, I'm fine. The scooter seems to be in ok shape too, I'm glad we went used! Thanks to all the banks who refused to finance us.

In other news, it's CD52 and AF is nowhere in sight, I've been having a few symptoms, mostly cramps and having to pee a lot. I can barely make it through the night without my bladder feeling like it's going to burst. I'm going to test at the end of the week for funsies because I picked up a few $1 store cheapies. Here's my chart if you want to see the madness. No idea what's going on here, looks pretty anovulatory to me, but who knows. The day before that gigantic spike, I'd had a fever, so I think this chart is completely shot, also due to the fact that for the last 2 weeks of it, I woke up way earlier than normal, but oh well.

We went to the adoption agency today and apparently there was a miscommunication, so we now have to wait until Feb 6th for an orientation followed by our initial consultation. I'm a little bit crushed that now we have to wait over a month to start waiting some more, but I'll get over it.  Hubbs was very awesome and supportive as always. He also came to my rescue last night after I crashed and was stranded in the middle of a snowstorm at 9:30pm. My knight in shining armor!

I don't teach at all this week and my school vacation starts Friday, I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of this free time! lol. I'll probably just wind up playing a whole lot of video games, which, let's face it, is totally a great way to spend a vacation.

We might have our nieces and nephew over for a movie night on Friday, but that's kind of up in the air at the moment. It's always fun when they come over, we make them popcorn and go all out. I hope the plans work out. I think we're the "favorite" aunt and uncle, and they are definitely our favorite bunch of nieces and nephews. It's easy when the only other nephew around is a three-year-old who is somehow now in the twice-as-terrible-twos-because-the-kid-is-now-three. lol.

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