Monday, December 3, 2012

OMG Brains!

It seriously feels like my brain is trying to kill me, that or explode out of my skull, which would kill me, so SEE!!!! It's trying to kill me.

I still have the worst headache ever that refuses to go away and I'm not looking forward to 3 hours of power tools at school tonight. I can't miss any days though, so maybe I'll just hang out in the classroom and study instead of be out in the welding lab. Hopefully I just feel better by class time because I am on a roll right now.

Went to the library today and picked up a few books since I now actually have time to read and don't have to listen to audiobooks anymore. I got Leviathan Wakes, Bare Bones, and Succubus Blues (The book club pick for the month). I also picked up some movies "I'll Believe You", "Life as We Know It", and "Love Potion #9". I remember the last one from when I was a kid and am totally psyched to watch it again. I'm not sure if you're supposed to put movie titles in quotes, but I'm doing it anyway! Proper grammar be damned!

I had to return a Christmas present that my in-laws gave me... for the second year in a row. The watch was cute, they just failed to take into account my giant man-sized hands and wrists. Sadly, the watch did not fit, but I did trade it in for two pairs of earrings that claim to be hypo-allergenic. All types of earrings seem to turn my ears green, even the ones for "sensitive ears" so I'm hoping these ones really do the trick.

Also, the most magical and amazing thing happened today at the DMV. Oh, I know what you're thinking, "there's no way anything magical ever happens at the DMV" but let me assure you, it does. It does indeed. I had to re-register our car (3 days late, but shhh), I got in and out in less than 3 minutes!!! That has to be some kind of world record! That place is amazing! Best DMV experience ever.

My back is really acting up today, which does not really help with the whole killer headache thing. I pretty much feel like death, it is so incredibly awesome. I'm sure tomorrow will be better though. =)


  1. Hope you get rid of your headache. Three cheers for those DMV getting you in and out in record time.


  2. Wow sounds like a bad day. There's always hope for tomorrow though on bad days that's hard to see. Feel better.