Sunday, August 4, 2013

11 Weeks

Every day brings something new to panic about.

I'm feeling a bit better, is the baby ok?

I've got super light spotting again, is the baby ok?

Holy crap, I am going to be someone's mother.

I know that stress isn't good, do I'm trying to just relax and roll with the punches, but it's hard sometimes.

We wanted this little duck so badly and I can't help but worry and hope that everything will turn out well in the end. That I'll be ok and Ducky will be ok, and that we'll be a happy little family.

Next week is our anniversary. We really don't have much special planned, but it'll be nice to have an evening out on the town. I might even get dressed up, who knows. Hopefully 11.5 weeks will be close enough to 12 that my morning sickness will back off.

Of course, that's another thing to freak out about because my sister-in-law miscarried at 14 weeks the time before she popped out my latest niece. She said she started feeling great at 12 weeks and I guess that's when the pregnancy ended.

Don't freak out. Everything will be fine. Breathe. 

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