Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eviction Update

Well apparently, my apartment complex "lost" all of the supporting documentation that has been in my file for TWO YEARS. They claim they have no record of anything ever saying that I had a service dog. They've asked me to get a new form signed by TWO DIFFERENT doctors saying that I can have one. Are you f*cking kidding me? First of all, who has easy access to two different doctors intimately familiar with your medical history? NO ONE. I have been sick with worry and stress over this. Basically, unless I can get this form signed by Tuesday, Gibbs has to be out of our apartment. Luckily, Hubbs' sister has offered to house him for a bit until we get this all sorted out, but seriously. The entire situation is ridiculous. Hubbs is under the impression they just threw the paperwork away because they didn't want to deal with it. I wouldn't put it past them.

Additionally, they've decided that our apartment is filthy and needs "extensive work", really? We spent yesterday getting storage unit and moving our mountain of boxes into it, and let me tell you, our apartment is fine. We did some spot cleaning and hired a maid service to come on Wednesday and get it looking like new. But really? I seriously cannot believe my apartment complex is trying to do this to us. We're supposed to move to a different unit in a week. ONE WEEK. How great is an apartment supposed to look a week before you move? Anyway. Everything is going to be spotless by Friday when they come to inspect, and once it passes, I'm seriously considering telling them to go f*ck themselves.

They also claim to have given us a "notice to comply" about the dog and the "mess" back in April. I am calling bull$hit because we never got a letter. They claim the stuck it to our door, there is absolutely no way we could have missed it if it was out there.

We're trying to sell our contract ASAP. We've got adds on Craigslist and the local news classifieds and we're really hoping to get a nibble soon so we can move to a new place that isn't run by a bunch of assholes.

I seriously haven't been able to eat or sleep and I'm just completely a wreck because of this whole thing. I go to my Dr's office on Wednesday and I'm going to ask them then to sign the form, but I'm not holding out much hope. Do you have any idea how frightening it is to know that it's highly likely that the service dog that has been helping you function and live a normal life for the last 2 years is going to be ripped away from you? The fear and anxiety over this is crippling. Not to mention the added stress of thinking that the added stress is hurting the baby.

Wish us luck this week... we're gonna need it.

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