Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's a Duck!!

10.5 Weeks! Our baby looks like a duck and my uterus looks like a skull, so overall, I'd say things are pretty badass.

It was wiggly and jumping and had a strong little heartbeat and it was awesome to see. Every time I come out of an appointment and things are fine, it gives me a tiny bit more hope that just maybe things will work out in the end. 

I'm getting more and more torn about finding out what it is. It might be kind of fun to find out and then surprise the family, especially since we told them I was so adamant about not finding out. Probably with one of those gender reveal cakes. 

 There's plenty of time to think about it. I think I might try to have my shower in November though, since it's looking like my due date will be moved up to February. I think it'd be too hard to do it in December, and January is too close to when Ducky might pop out.

I think Ducky is going to be the new official nickname for this little nugget. Ducky it is!

For those new readers, who are like, what the heck is this blog about? Well, let me tell you! It started out as in infertility blog, a place for me to vent my frustration and share the journey. After about 2 years, we gave up hope and decided not to have children at all. The doctor's weren't optimistic and nothing seemed to be going in our favor. We'd started planning our early retirement and then the universe had other plans. 

Now we have this tiny, magical, miracle pregnancy and I hope you'll stick around and join us on this journey to parenthood. 


  1. Congratulations on your little miracle. I definitely think one of those reveal cakes would be awesome!!


  2. We found out but kept it a secret. But if I had it to do over I might want one of those gender reveal cakes. A cute idea I heard about was a giant cookie with pink icing that said it's a boy. Or vice versa.