Sunday, August 25, 2013

14 Weeks

Nothing terribly exciting has happened. We moved to a new apartment, being on the first floor is vastly better than being on the third. Gibbs was a little wary of the new apartment at first, all of the new smells and sounds. He's warmed up to it though.

My hours have been cut at work. Last week I worked 14.75 hours, which means I'm taking home around $100 for the whole week. So sad. Luckily Hubbs still works full time, I think once school starts though, he'll get down to about 30.

We're heading to Vegas next weekend to see my family. Should be fun, I'm actually super excited for the food, because I seriously have to eat a little something like every two hours. It's better than feeling constantly nauseated though, so that's a win. I'm still really tired and am waiting for the mythical second trimester burst of energy they swear is around the corner.

Only a few more weeks until we find out what ducky is. It's exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I'm still pretty sure it's a girl, mostly because we've had a girl name set for two year, and have barely come up with a short-list for boy names. Or maybe that means it is a boy, lol.

I've definitely noticed a few dark chin hairs popping up over the last month or so. The hair on my head sadly, does not appear to be growing as quickly, gimme my long, luscious mermaid hair please!

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