Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hello November

Last November was hectic, I had just lost my contract job and started substitute teaching. I participated in, and finished, NaNoWriMo, and I think at that point, we had given up the hope of having kids.

Things are definitely different now. Despite the daily boredom, I think getting laid off when 5 months pregnant was really the best thing to happen to me. I lost the sub-par yet expensive insurance that hardly covered any of my Dr's visits. Towards the end, when there simply wasn't enough work for everyone, I was only raking in about $100 a week. Granted, we feel the loss of that a bit come the end of the month when car insurance, car payment, and rent are due... but things are overall better now. I'm less stressed, I don't have to take time off work for Dr's appointments, and I can hang out at home with my emotional support animal and get ready to bring our daughter into the world.

We've almost gotten everything we need for the baby, at least, I hope so. There's still a lot of stuff on our registry that only one person in my family has gotten something for us from, but we have the bare essentials. I look at the boxes with the stroller, the crib, the bassinet full of diapers and blankets, and I think, "Hey, maybe we'll be ok."

I did wind up making gender reveal cake ball ice cream cones, with pics as promised, for the baby shower. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, since this is essentially the lazy way to make cake balls.

Transporting them was a bit of a pain, but it worked out pretty well. They were a big hit.

Had the 24 week check-up yesterday. Ducky's heart rate is good, weight, BP, everything looking alright. When I first get in, my BP is a little high, but once I sit for a minute, it drops back to normal. It still feels like I'm being stabbed in the vag every once in a while, but apparently everything is fine. So that's good.

It's so baffling to me that in 3 weeks is Thanksgiving. We're heading to Vegas to hang out with my side of the family. My parents are still planning on visiting us when little Ducky decides to make her grand entrance into the world, but it will be nice to see everyone else too. Just a short week after that, and we've made it to the 3rd trimester.

I know I've said this before, but seriously, how does time go by so quickly when you really want it to slow down? Before I know it, it will be February and I'll be a mom, complaining of all kind of fun things like my boobs and a general lack of sleep. Assuming we make it to February... The higher risk of preterm labor, preeclampsia, gestational diabeeeeetus. All of these things combine to make early delivery a very real possibility. Not to mention the fact that she'll likely be HUGE. I was 24 inches long when I was born, and Hubbs weighed 10lbs, 6oz. Ginormous baby is highly likely.

In the mean time, here's a pic of my 24-week fatty belly. So weird that even though my belly is bigger, I still weigh about 18lbs less than when I got pregnant. This one is a bit blurrier than the rest, oh well.

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