Tuesday, October 29, 2013


On my birthday, at dinner, Hubbs was adorable. We were eating our delicious burgers, and as he's lifting the burgery goodness to his mouth, he stops, puts it down, and cocks his head at me. I asked "What?", he said "I was just noticing how good you look right now." and I melted into a puddle of love goo. It was so sweet and kind, especially considering that I wasn't wearing any makeup and pretty much looked like crap.

My first attempt at cake balls was apparently a success. I still haven't tried one, but Hubbs has devoured most of them. I took leftover costco cake and mushed it up, and covered them in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips. It makes me feel a little more confident when it comes to the ones I'm making for the baby shower on Friday.

Speaking of which, I'm excited to reveal the baby's gender to our family at the shower. It's been fun having this little secret, especially since everyone else is dying to know. Gender reveal ice cream cone cake balls for the win! Perhaps I'll even post pics, because why not?

Hubbs' parents get into town tonight, so this is the last "normal" day for the week. Tomorrow is a family thing at night, Thursday is Halloween and we're all going trick-or-treating as a family. Friday is the baby shower, and Saturday is another huge family function followed by dinner with everyone. It's definitely going to be a trying week. They're so nice, I just get so tired socializing with them. I explained to Hubbs, that yes, I know they love me, and they're nice people, it just makes me feel kind of broken because I don't feel capable of loving them back. Knowing how to love parents really isn't my thing.

I have been feeling the baby kick, which is nice, but she can't quite kick hard enough to feel it from the outside. Apparently this could be because my placenta is in the front, which makes it more difficult to feel. Hopefully Hubbs will get to feel her kicks soon. It would be nice to be able to share that with him.

Even though the baby is kicking now, and I feel her every day... it still doesn't feel real. Like I keep waiting for the part where I wake up and find out it was all a dream. Maybe it won't feel real until I'm holding her in my arms. Perhaps even then I won't be able to believe that she's really all ours. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I am still super annoyed that no one has bought anything off of the registry. Not a single thing. The baby shower is in 3 days, I'd like to believe everyone is just saving it for the last minute, but we registered at amazon... shipping takes time! lol. Half of the fun of a shower is getting showered with gifts so you're actually prepared for the baby. Right? That's half of the fun of a wedding anyway. lol. Here's to hoping it's all fine.

Funny story, Saturday was my birthday, and as we were getting our banana splits at sonic, the car broke down. We couldn't get it to start and had to push it out of the stall and into the parking lot to get a jump, which didn't work. A tow guy came and was actually able to start it, but said either the battery or alternator was shot. We drove it to the car repair place and parked it for the weekend until they opened on Monday. Monday, we went to pick up the car and took it to Auto Zone, where the tested the battery. We needed a new one, so bought it and Hubbs actually managed to install it. Pretty impressive considering he'd never done it before. The car still wouldn't start though. The guys from the store patched it up and replaced the connector thing, and the car came back to life. As we were getting ready to leave, Hubbs' car wouldn't start. Turns out, he too needed a new battery. Two brand new car batteries and $200 later, we had two running cars. It could have been worse, but seriously, we did not need that added expense considering rent is due in a few days and Hubbs' job only lasts for another 3 weeks.

Today is my brother's birthday. We're 10 years apart and I came home from the hospital on his birthday after I was born. It's pretty fun. We've always celebrated our birthdays together, granted, we don't live in the same state anymore, but it's a fond memory. We're not exactly "close", I mean, I don't tell him everything, but I know that he will always be there for me and supports me. Whenever I had something bad I had to tell my parents, I'd always tell him first and he would work with me to figure out how to tell them. I guess it helps that he's my lawyer. lol. Lawyer/client privilege is so awesome for situations like that. I'm pretty sure he'll be an awesome uncle too. 

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