Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hubbs' Birthday

Today is Hubbs' Birthday. I get to enjoy a short 2.5 weeks where we're the same age. lol.
I know sometimes I whine about him, but seriously, Hubbs is pretty great.

He is kind, loving, hilarious, handsome, great at laundry, supportive, and so much more. Sometimes his depression rears its ugly head and rains on him for a day or two, but there are far more good days than bad.

His current worry is that he's going to be a terrible father. I already know this isn't true. Not only did he babysit our 3 nieces and nephew for almost a year. He took care of our youngest niece like a pro. He's got the whole diaper, nap time, feeding, everything down. Even the play time stuff he's awesome with. I can see absolutely no way where he would fail at fathering. I tell him the fact that he's even worried about it means he'll be a good dad because terrible parents really don't give a hoot if they're terrible or not.

I met Hubbs at a low point in his life. He really didn't have much going on, he'd dropped out of college and was living back with his parents. Depression was really kicking his ass and there were times he wasn't sure he was going to make it. We met and he just lit up my life. I guess I made a decent impact as well. We were married less than 6 months later. We've had occasional struggles over the last 3 years, but overall, we've stuck and grown together and try to make the best of every day.

I am so lucky to have him in my life and as the father of Ducky.

Our real celebration is Friday night. We're going up to the city to use some gift cards my brother gave us. We're going to Fleming's. I haven't been there in forever, and Hubbs has never been, but it should be delicious. Yummy yummy steak. So tonight, since he has homework and internet nerd stuff to do. I'm going to fetch us some Arby's and let him do whatever he wants, because it's his day.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time you have planned! Enjoy the time together (and the steak to!!) Happy birthday to your hubs.