Monday, October 7, 2013

Eyes and Teeth

I love going to a new dentist or a new optometrist for a few reasons, but mostly because of the compliments. lol. I have naturally straight teeth and have never had or needed braces or a retainer, or anything fun. As a kid, I was super jealous because all of my friends had one or both, and I felt left out not needing them.
Going to the optometrist is fun because they don't often come across Central Heterochromia often and they get to oogle my eyeballs. My husband always forgets if my eyes are blue or green, and technically, they are both. The new eye guy said he's come across it a couple of times over the last five years.
Sorry for the giant creepy eyes staring at you. I've got the ring of green around the middle, and the blue in the rest. Apparently this means I have the genes for both. Hubbs' eyes are a blue/gray and I'm very curious to see how our kid's eyes turn out.

Those are the kinds of things I've been thinking about lately. I hope she gets my teeth, because Hubbs' are atrocious. His parents could afford braces for the first three kids, but not the last three. It'd be nice not to have to save up thousands of dollars to get Ducky's teeth fixed several years down the line.

Hubbs is hoping Ducky gets his feet though. He's got these long, gangly toes. I've got these short, chubby toes with miniscule toenails. Seriously. The few times I've gone to get a pedicure, the ladies laugh and call all of their co-workers over. Sometimes they bust out the special "detail" brush and try to paint them that way. They get painfully long if they're more than millimeter or so. When I went to get my ingrown toenails removed (on the big toe, those are the only semi-normal ones) the podiatrist was like "hmmm, never seen that before" My magical body, stumping doctors since 19-something-something.

It's fun to guess and speculate though. I know Ducky will be tall. Hubbs and I both have short genes on our sides of the family, but we're both just so obnoxiously tall. Maybe she'll trick us all and be a shorty. 

I'm built a bit like a linebacker and am very chesty. I'm sure she'll inherit those. I however have a flat-pancake kind of butt and Hubbs has more um... bootyliciousness going on back there. lol. Which one will Ducky get? Who knows?

I'm starting to get excited for that part. I really want to meet this tiny person. My only blood relative that I've known. What will she look like? What kind of person will she be? Will she be laid back, stubborn, mischievous, kind? What will she want to be when she grows up? These are the things I can't wait to find out. It'll be nice to see how much is him, how much is me, and how much is all her.

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  1. It's so much fun for us watching our little guy grow and change and show us who he is (and isn't)! He's mostly my face though, with other features from Hun.