Monday, May 4, 2015

NST #1

Had my first NST today. It went fine, they made me drink a Dr. Pepper in the middle of it, because Lumpy wasn't having enough accelerations going along with the movement. He, much like his big sister, does not like being monitored.
Hubbs and I have off work tomorrow because we're meeting with the Neonatologist and the Pediatric ENT up at the large university hospital upstate. I'm a little nervous, but hopefully we'll have a lot more answers and fewer questions after the meetings. I'm sure they won't really want to speculate too much and will have to actually get a good look at him after he's born, but ideally we'll at least learn more about his condition.
We're also stopping along the way to pick up our "in the car" stroller. We have a double for our evening walks and long outings, but I wanted something more compact and lightweight for the car everyday. We've decided on the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight. There will totally be a review, get excited for that. I'll also review the side-by-side double we have once we get to use it, which won't be until Lumpy is at least 3 months old (it doesn't accept infant car seats).
Since the Dr's appointments should realistically only take 2 hours, not including drive time, we're also going to have a little afternoon date to see The Avengers. I am extremely excited about that and shoveling popcorn in my face.
I got the results from my 1hr glucose test finally. Apparently the hospital lab forgot to send it over after I took the test 3 weeks ago. My levels were elevated, so now I have to take the 3hr test. I'm saving that for Wednesday. I just really hope I don't have GD on top of everything else that is going on this pregnancy. I fasted for the 1 hr and that can cause a false positive (or so I've heard), hopefully the 3 hr goes better.

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