Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Calm Before the Storm

This is the last weekend before the insanity of bi-weekly Dr's appointments. Technically, this week there are four, but two of them are for Lumpy and not for me. It's a weird thing going to see your child's doctors before said child is even born. I suppose it's good preparation for the world we'll be living in once he's born.

We set up Ducky's toddler bed and tonight is her first night in it. I'm a little worried, but I think she'll be ok. Sure sometimes we go to wake her up and she's asleep in the middle of the floor of her room, but I think that's mostly because she would crawl herself out of bed and then get tired and fall back asleep. Hopefully the rails on the bed keep her a bit more contained from accidental rollings and wanderings.

The dreaded 3rd trimester heartburn has started up again. Luckily it's not to the point where I have to sleep propped up on four pillows, but I feel like it's getting close. The belly is getting more in the way now. I'll try to remember to post a bump pic tomorrow. I don't think I've posted one since 16 weeks and it's definitely bigger now. I daresay it might even be bigger than when I was 38 weeks with Ducky.

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