Wednesday, October 5, 2011

38 Hours.

Awesome things are going to happen in about 38 hours. I can't wait!!! eeeeek! so excited!! I have a job interview tomorrow and i'm kind of looking forward to that. But nothing, nothing compares to the excitement i'm feeling about friday. I'm supposed to be getting my service dog on friday, and it is going to be epic. All of the paperwork is filled out and ready to go! SO PSYCHED! I literally can't wait.
I've done the whole nesting thing that people normally do with babies. I've gotten everything read and set for when the little guy comes home. Kennel, cushy kennel bed, potty patch on our porch, training bells for the porch door, food bowl, toys, leash, collar, id tag, and snausage treats. I'm waiting to buy his food for when the shelter tells me what he's been eating so i can adjust his diet.
I've set up his first vet's appointment to check him out and make sure everything is hunky-dory. Maybe i'm putting all of my eggs in one basket, i know there's a teeny tiny possibility that i won't get him. But i plan on arriving an hour early and hovering around like a creeper so i can be the first one there. I am just so darn excited. Seriously, wish me luck.
I did some ovulation testing today and there was no hint of a second pink line. According to my calendar, i'm not supposed to ovulate till next week, but i dunno, i'm feeling very negative about the whole baby thing at the moment. I'm totally ready and excited to instead focus my energy on training my new dog. And by new, i mean old, cause he's a 4-ish year old, so he's not really new, but he's new to me!
Doggie doggie doggie!
It's looking like Hubbs has the flu. He woke up with a 101.6 degree fever. It went down to 99.6 this evening, and i'll check it again tomorrow morning. It was kinda fun playing nurse and getting him chicken soup and pitchers of water. I made him toast and other shenanigans. I also annoyed him by telling him to check his temperature every 2 hours. But i'm glad he's feeling a teeny bit better.
Hubb's birthday is saturday. We have plans but it seems like we'll have to wait and see if he feels better to do them. The whole family is supposed to come over for cake and ice cream, but we may need to postpone it until he's better. Wouldn't want to get all of our nieces and nephews sick. I'm debating about baking the cake at home or buying it from the store. I'll wait till friday to figure it out cause if it's just the two of us, eff it, i'll just buy one of those giant cupcakes they make at grocery stores.
I've been super tired today so i'm just gonna be lame and go to bed before 10pm. Gotta look nice and rested for that interview tomorrow.
Wish me luck with my upcoming endeavors. Here's to hoping they go well.

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