Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes! after a brutal, stressful, taxing battle, i have won the fight with my apartment complex. They have granted me my service dog without the stupid pet addendum and without a stupid deposit. (which were both illegal by the way) i won i won i won! This makes me very happy. It seemed like everything had been going wrong for me lately, and this tiny little glimmer of victory has certainly perked up my spirits.
I even got a job today too to sweeten the pot! It's only part time, but it's better than nothing and i am so looking forward to starting tomorrow.
Hubbs and i are incredibly excited for our dog! I have the application in for him and it's possible we'll be getting him as early as this weekend! Best day ever.
I can only imagine if i feel this good with my small victory, how great it will feel when we finally overcome this IF obstacle. I bet it will feel 9000 times better.

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