Saturday, October 8, 2011

j/k 4 Hours!!

In a little under 2 hours, Hubbs and i are driving up to meet our new dog!! We are so incredibly ridiculously excited. This decision is a year in the making and time can't go by quickly enough! I can't wait! I've got his first vet's appointment set up for monday and we're gonna enroll him in a training class as well.
After nesting in the apartment and getting everything ready for him. We even had to semi-baby proof everything. lol. Stupid little plug covers for all of the electric sockets, blocking off under the bed, making sure there are no tempting, tasty looking electrical cords freely hanging anywhere.
Today is also Hubbs' birthday! Hurray! after picking up the dog and bringing him home, we have the rest of the day free until 6:30. Then we're gonna do cake and ice cream with all of our nieces and nephews, and Hubbs' sisters and their husbands. I'm glad that he liked the presents i got him. lol. I was slightly worried he wouldn't.
We went out to dinner last night to celebrate and i could hardly eat anything! I was totally bummed. I took home all of the leftovers, which was a lot. An entire sauteed mushroom topped 11oz sirloin, and a half rack of crazy good ribs. All i ate at the restaurant was a dinner roll, a few fried pickles , a caesar salad, and maybe the equivalent of one rib. Strangely enough though i was super full and just felt like taking everything home.
I'm going to try very hard today to shower Hubbs with all of the love and affection that he deserves. He seriously has been so amazing with everything that's going on. Luckily i now have my 2 new part-time jobs and the new doggie to keep me distracted now, so hopefully he'll feel a little less stressed about trying to keep me sane during all of this. It sounds so incredibly cheesy, but i really do love that man more every single day. He finds some little way to show me how much i mean to him. I am trying my very best to be even half of the partner he is to me. He has set the bar crazy high. <3

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