Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pain, oh so much pain.

So for the last few days, i've been having a twinge in Lefty's general region. Now it's like this horrible aching, occasionally stabbing pain. If i have another cyst i'mma be pissed. Anyway, it hurts really bad, and i can't afford to go to the doctor, let alone any meds for it. WTF am i supposed to do? This sucks. Maybe i'll go to WebMD and check and see if i really do actually need to go to the doctor. I unfortunately already know that the answer is yes. Any intense pain lasting more than 24 hours = a doctor's visit. Where the heck can i get super cheap care? Maybe i'll just not tell them my name and cry a lot, then run away before they discharge me? How can i even think that this is a good plan? i am so fail. I'll have insurance through work again in like, 2 weeks, but i definitely can't wait that long. Maybe i'll call my doctor and see if they'll be nice to me, since i gave them so much money when i actually had some. yea... that'll do it!
I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

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