Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Streak Continues

I was worried today when I went in for my first appointment and yet again I was measuring 2 weeks behind LMP. Thank goodness for this blog and I can see that with both Ducky and Lumpy I was between 2-3 weeks behind, so this should be fine. I shouldn't freak out, everything will be ok. Right?

I had my first beta draw today, I'll go back Friday for the 2nd, hopefully things double like they are supposed to and next week, when I go back in, we see a tiny but measurable embryo. The doctor estimated I was between 5.5-6 weeks today, because I had a huge gestational sac and an obvious yolk sac. I'm going to believe that this LO was just hiding somewhere near the edge and hard to see.  It's also probably just a singleton unless for some weird reason there's two babies sharing a yolk sac, which I know is technically possible, but rare, so probably just one.

He did say though that I was a great VBAC candidate and even if I need to be induced due to Pre-eclampsia again that we can still probably go for it. That was exciting. Although I felt that I actually recovered from my c-section faster than my vaginal delivery, the sheer amount of puking and having my insides re-arranged is something I'm looking forward to avoiding.

I am starting a baby aspirin regimen and after my ultrasound next week, assuming everything is on the up and up, they'll order preliminary blood work for kidney function, etc, to get a baseline for if $#it hits the fan later. I'm definitely feeling a lot more optimistic now than I was earlier today. I only worked for a few hours after my appointment and came home and sulked for a while. I have a feeling that waiting until next week for the follow-up is going to feel like forever, it's like the horrible TWW for that BFP all over again.

The new semester has started and I've decided to only take one class. It's online, so not too bad. I have an essay due Sunday, so that will keep me distracted for at least a little while. Perhaps I'll pick up crochet again when I finish my paper, I have to make something for this LO, right? I guess I could also make one of Ducky's stuffed animals a little hat or something. Maybe I'll do that as a practice run. Wish me luck! I really hope this rainbow sticks and that everything turns out just fine!

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