Thursday, January 21, 2016

TMI Alert

Sticking actual pills that people would normally swallow up your hoo-ha is an interesting experience. It's even weirder when you have to do the second dose and still feel the pills from the first dose just chilling up there. For a second, I was confused as to what it was, and then remembered.

I started the process 12 hours ago and I'm hoping the worst of it is over. I might be delusional, but aside from the huge clot that I passed a few hours after the bleeding started, it's not much worse than one of my regular periods, which have been shockingly heavy for the most part.

I'm taking the time to just rest and relax, and leveling one of my abandoned toons in WoW because it's a nice and easy distraction. I did finally tell everyone about the miscarriage as well. It wasn't too bad, so far everyone has been very supportive and sympathetic, which is nice.

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