Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AF Time

AF came last night. My temps have dropped back down. This sucks. Seriously sucks. I'm debating about whether or not to even chart my temps this cycle. Having to take my temp every morning is such a reminder about this struggle and how awful it is. I was talking to Hubbs about it last night when i was sad about AF. He told me he didn't realize how it was an every day struggle for me. He knew it was something i thought about occasionally, but didn't know how much it weighs on me. I guess it's better now that he knows. There are some days where it really is better though. I think refraining from temping every morning and not actively trying to get pregnant will help a lot with the mental and emotional toll IF has on me.

So yes, we are officially taking a break. We can't afford the RE consultation, can't afford health insurance right now. Taking a break is best. My body can relax, hopefully my bewbs won't hurt as much. Hopefully i'll be less of an emotional mess. I'm going to try harder to be patient and understand that while yes, other people can randomly make babies whenever the heck they want but no, i cannot.

In other, better news, i had a job interview yesterday. It was with 2 different managers. The first one seemed like he was brushing me off and kinda hated me. The second one however seemed to like me an made allusions to "schedule next week" and "accept hire offer online" so i'm 95% sure i have this job. I am extremely excited about it. I was so tired of never getting any hours at my current job. An average of less than 12 hours a week is not enough to help out at all. Hubbs STILL hasn't gotten any hours at all at his job. He got hired like back in october. They don't do paid training, he's literally been working there for almost 5 months and has gotten NOTHING for it. He's gonna start looking for something new now.

We're doing ok with our whole "low carb" thing. We're trying our best. Sometimes it's hard. We really don't have that much non-carb loaded food around the house, but we're trying our best. Hubbs made a chicken/veggie soup thing the other day which was quite good. He thinks he can't cook, but he really can. Following a recipe is super easy and he is super awesome at it. I'm psyched to see what he's gonna make for tonight.

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