Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OPK's of Doom

Well, no positive on the OPK's yet, but today is the closest i've ever seen. I'm supposed to have my blood draw done no later than tomorrow, but i don't know how i'm going to be able to handle the disappointment. Looks like we'll be getting that RE referral after all. This makes me a rather sad panda. Pretty sure that 11 days of negative OPK's is enough to realize that i definitely haven't O'ed yet. I feel though, like it is definitely coming, and soon! lol. The tests have been getting darker, but still not positive yet. I'm thinking it should be the next few days or so. Hoping anyway.

I find myself feeling more and more ok with the fact that it's gonna take us a long time to get pregnant. I feel less like i'm mourning and more hopeful about the future. After this cycle we're gonna take a break at least until we have health insurance. Most likely until may when the rest of our money comes in. I feel like i've gotten to the acceptance part of the grieving process. I'm ok with the fact that this cycle has failed. I'm ok with the fact that we'll be seeing the RE from now on for our baby-making assistance. This definitely feels like a positive step towards the rest of our lives. Way to go us. lol.

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