Monday, February 20, 2012

Tiny Shred of Hope

I know it's illogical, i know the doctor already referred me to the RE that i'm now scared we'll never be able to afford... but i keep clingling to this tiny shred of hope that just maybe, maybe i really did O this cycle, and maybe there's the slightest possibility that i actually am pregnant. Weirder things have happened. I've seen charts where women had sex ONCE, like, 7 days before O and still managed to get pregnant. So yes, weirder things.

My bewbs still hurt really badly, and my temp is barely hovering above the coverline, but it's above it, and that's what counts. AF should be this week or maybe next week depending on if this turns out to be a 34 day cycle like last month, or a 40-ish day cycle. So i'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs and keep myself distracted whilst i wait. I certainly won't go to the twoweekwait forums and pour over them looking for some sort of verification of my tiny hope shred.... maybe just a little. Ooh, and cramps today it seems like... awesome.

Hubbs and i have resolved to avoid the carbs. The carbs are evil. We've agreed to eat minimal carbs 6 days a week, and then have one day a week of magical carb-loading goodness. So far we've been pretty good about it. Especially once we found out that buffalo chicken wings have no carbs. We've been om nom noming the crap out of some chicken wings since a buffalo wild wings opened up within a half our drive of us.

So what about you? Have to ever clinged to a tiny dangle of hope despite knowing deep down that you really didn't have a shot?

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