Thursday, February 9, 2012

Positive OPK, OMG WTF FTW!

So after being all super depressed yesterday and being like darnit, why can't i get a positive?! and looking up how the brand of test i was using was super fail and never gives anyone a positive. Well this B just got an effing positive! Maybe i'll O soon!!!! This is completely and utterly magical. I really had given up on the idea. I mean, just to prove it to myself, i even got my CD23 blood draw. Really not sure what this means for the rest of the cycle. I guess i just hope that i see a BBT rise to confirm what the OPK says. I'm really just happy, because in the last 3 months that we've been tracking and charting and everything else... I have NEVER seen a positive.
Here's even a picture to prove it. The positive one is the top one.

In other less significant news, our furbaby got a funny haircut that makes him look a little bit like a teddy bear. Cutest thing ever. I've got a pic to prove that too! lol.

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