Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Think OPK's Lie

I haven't seen a temp shift yet to coincide with what the OPK's said. I mean my temp dropped, and then jumped a bit, then dropped again, then jumped again. I guess we'll see if tomorrow it gets any higher. I did have this tiny shred of hope, and now i kinda feel like it has been crushed. maybe it hasn't i don't know.

Seriously, WTF is going on with this BBT chart?!?!

I was reading somewhere that nesting can be an important step in the coping process, so whilst i was shopping yesterday, i couldn't help but browse through the baby section. I was just looking for a small, cheap little something to kind of keep the hope alive. I saw this really adorable pair of newborn shoes that were brown and fuzzy and had adorable little teddy bear faces. I refrained from buying them though.

Today we're going to an all-you-can-eat pancake and french toast breakfast with Hubbs' sister and her husband. Then tonight is the Valentine's Ball with his eldest sister and her husband. I'm really looking forward to it. I have to switch up my shoe plan though. I was gonna wear my shoes from the wedding, but they don't really fit anymore, and my super fat ankles have to stretch the strap to the limit. Maybe my polka dot ones, or gold ones, i have these nude ones that are pretty comfy. It sucks cause the white ones were going to fit perfectly with my vision of the outfit. Oh well. Maybe next year my ankles won't be so chubby.

In other news, i got smacked with a bill from the doctor's office, apparently my crappy insurance doesn't actually cover anything. Well it takes a chunk out of it... but not by much. Gonna have to work out some sort of payment plan. Which now leaves us to have to shop around for other insurance plans that, since i'm now in the high-risk pool due to my pre-existing condition, would be almost $300/mo to cover both of us. I still don't know if both of us need to be covered. Hubbs pretty much never goes to the doctor, in fact, in the whole time we've been married, he hasn't been once. But i know that when you get the RE referral, they do like, a full work-up of both of you, so he should probably have coverage for that. WTF are we going to do? I'm not gonna let this ruin the awesome day that today should be.

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