Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blood Tests for Funsies

Whilst i have been religiously peeing in a cup to dip a stick into every morning, and none of them have come up positive, i got my CD23 progesterone blood draw done today. Every review of the particular brand of OPK's i bought says that they suck, consistently never give a positive, are impossible to read, and you can never get a person on their customer service line. Good times. So i figure, maybe there's the tiniest of tiny chances that i ovulated already... or maybe that i may still ovulate. My temp dipped low today, so i'm secretly hoping that it'll spike tomorrow and i can pretend that tomorrow is O day.

Either way, it is looking like we'll be getting that RE referral after all. I'm ok with that. We've decided that after this cycle is over, we're gonna take a break for a few months, and then go to the RE to start everything again. I feel like i definitely need some time to give my body a rest after pumping it full of drugs for 2 months. It'll also be nice to not have to pee in a cup every morning. I think i'll still chart my temps, just to stay in the habit, but the rest of it will be on the back burner. Hubbs and i can just focus on working out together, and having fun with the sexy-time, and have it not feel like such a chore. Maybe in 3 months i will have lost enough weight that my body will decide to O on its own, anything can happen! lol.

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