Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cycle #2 Failure

The lab results came back in, and while by progesterone levels were considered in the normal range for a follicular phase, they had hoped that i would have O'd already.

Looking at my charts, it really does seem like i O'd a few days ago, so i'm not really sure what to think. The doctor did go ahead and give us the RE referral though. The office is about 30 mins away and the initial consultation is a whopping $230 whether or not you have insurance. OUCH. They do have a seminar which is free, and attending nabs you 50% off the consultation price... but still.

So hubbs and i shall be taking a break for a few months. Kind of let my body relax a bit and we're also going to focus on getting healthier. A while ago they told me to cut out the carbs, and i'm selfish and love me some carbs. I was able to do it a while ago when my other doctor told me i was allergic to wheat and corn and soy. Cutting all 3 of those out of my diet was insanely hard. Anyways, we're going to be avoiding the carbs for the most part 6 days a week, and then we'll have 1 day where we go a little carb crazy. Wish us luck with that.

Now i'm pretty much just awaiting AF with super sore bewbs. Seriously, they hurt so bad. No idea what is up with that.

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