Sunday, March 31, 2013

Liebster Award? What?

Before today, I had never heard of a Liebster Award, but I am super excited and honored to be nominated. Thanks Sippy Cups and Booze for the nod, it definitely is nice to hear that other people actually read the little musings and whatnot one decides to post in the great wide interwebz.

"Here are the rules:

  1. Each nominee must post 11 facts about themselves.
  2.  Nominees must answer 11 questions the tagger has given to them, and then create 11 new ones to pass down to the bloggers they then nominate.
  3.  Display award logo on your site and link back to the person who gave it to you.
  4.  Choose 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award on to and link them in your post.
  5. Notify your nominees."

 11 Facts about me

1. I am 6' tall, and hit 5' in 4th grade, let me tell you, growing up was awkward.

2. I was adopted as a newborn, and attempted to find my birth mother the day I turned 18. I still haven't found her. 

3. As a child, I wanted braces more than anything so I could fit in... but alas, I had perfect teeth. 

4. Growing up, my mother was verbally and emotionally abusive. I have yet to forgive her. 

5. My husband and I initially met playing World of Warcraft. 

6. I still fantasize about running away to an island paradise, Hubbs will come with me though if we ever actually decide to do it. 

7. I have teeny tiny, almost non-existent toe-nails on all of my toes except the big ones. Even those ones are freakishly short. The podiatrist had never seen anything like it ever. That's always refreshing. lol.

8. One of my major life goals is to set foot on all 7 continents. I've only gotten 3 out of the way so far. 

9. When people tell me that they love me, I never believe it. For the longest time, I had myself convinced that I wasn't worthy. 

10. In high school, I was bulimic and would cut myself on occasion. Apparently I was a weirdo in that I did it to punish myself and not so I could feel something. 

11. My favorite smell in the world is a tie between fresh rain, and wet puppy.

Here are my answers to the questions Sippy Cups and Booze posted. 

1. What is the strangest thing you ever ate? 
 - Hrmm, in France, I tried this awful sausage that apparently was a "delicacy" it looked like it was made from ground up intestines and tasted exactly like poop smells... I wish I could remember the name to warn you all away from it.

2. Do you have any weird quirks? If so, do tell!
- One of the reasons Hubbs married me was for my "foibles". I have several irrational fears, which I suppose are endearing. I have a bizarre hiccup that happens every once in a while, it sounds like I'm saying "YUP" and there's only ever one at a time. Also I refuse to enter an "exit" door and exit an "enter" door. The signs are there for a reason, people!

3. Morning or night person.
- Definitely night.

4. What would be your theme song?
-  I think at the moment, it's I'm the One That's Cool by The Guild. Although in high school/college it was probably more of a "waaaah I like him, but he doesn't like me" kind of chick song. lol.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
- I don't know, there are several things that infuriate me on occasion, but I can't think of any at the moment.

6. When you offer to cook for someone do they eat it, or run and hide?
- I'm far more critical of my own cooking than other people are. They all seem to like it, or are very good fakers.

7. What item could you never live without and why?
- If I had to give up everything else, I think I could manage with just one good book, probably the complete works of Jane Austen because I never get tired of it.

8. Beer or wine?
- Neither, I gave up all alcohol a few years ago. 

9. What would be your super hero name?

- Interestingly enough, I've never thought about it... my nickname in college was "The Enforcer" I suppose that will do. lol.  

10. Last concert you went to?
- It has been a very long while since I've been to a concert. I think it was the Foozer Tour (Foo Fighters and Weezer) back in college.

11. What is the first song you knew all the words to?
- I think by the time I could talk, my dad made sure that I knew all of the words to his favorite Beach Boys songs.

I'll have to make a separate post for the people I nominate, because I doubt I follow 11 blogs regularly, and a majority of the ones I do tend to have more than 200 followers.

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