Friday, March 1, 2013

Holy Heck YES It's Friday

I am so incredibly happy that today is Friday. I wish it could have come sooner, but you know, I'm not a time lord.

The kids I sub for were really trying my patience today and by the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. Alas, I could not because I had work at job #2 shortly thereafter and actually wanted to have a decent lunch for once. Lately it's just been some activia with kashi go lean cereal sprinkled on top. Yummy, but doesn't really do it as a balanced lunch.

At my shiny new job, I got several leads today. I e-mailed off our shipper packet to 5 people, and got 2 people to agree to e-mail me when the have upcoming loads so I can bid on them. Apparently that's huge for a first real day on the phone. This job is really easy, you just have to actually be motivated to pick up the phone and call every single company down a very long list. Doesn't bother me at all. It was also a nice day because Gibbs tagged along. He actually did his job well, even if 70% of the time he slept in the bottom drawer of my desk. lol.

Tonight Hubbs and I have a date night planned. I got dinner all ready for before we leave, but as of right now he's about 40mins late. NOT COOL. I thought I'd timed it perfectly for when he'd get home, but now it's just sitting in the oven on warm. If it sucks, I'm blaming him. We're going to go to the $3 theater to see Mama. I LOVE horror movies, and Hubbs kind of... tolerates them because I love them so much. He's not too much of a scaredy cat. The last movie we saw that really freaked him out was Sinister. He definitely had a few nightmares about that one. For the most part, I'm fine once I leave the theater, but in there, I get the pants scared off of me. I love the feeling of being scared whilst watching a movie. However, I absolutely hate getting scared in real life. Not a huge fan of that. Doesn't help that I scare super easily. Sometimes Hubbs will wait outside the door when I'm in the bathroom, or just stand in the doorway to the bedroom waiting for me to come out. He doesn't even need to yell "boo", I just scream like a wuss. Afterwards it's pretty funny though.  

This month's theme is Risk. I suppose I'm no stranger to risk. I sometimes make impulsive decisions when it comes to life or my career, or whatever. I guess it's because I don't have a fear of failure. I've failed plenty of times and things have still worked out pretty well for me. I'll put a lot of thought into a decision, mostly I'll just ask myself "What's the worst that can happen?" If the answer isn't "You could die.", then I just go for it.

I randomly moved hundreds of miles to crash with a friend for a while, and wound up with an awesome husband. I've gone to several different types of schools and have finally found the one that works for me and, hopefully, will lead to a rewarding a lucrative career. Hubbs and I are taking a huge risk trying to get this dream job lined up for me, but we just say, "Hey, if it doesn't work out, we'll just move on to the next thing."

Speaking of which, my interview is Tuesday, and I need to do a little research beforehand. I really feel like this is the next step for me, this will be that turning point where we start the rest of our lives with stability and promise. I'm still trying to wrangle in my optimism, because nothing is set in stone... but a little positivity never hurt anyone. lol.

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