Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anniversaries and Exciting New Things

Hubbs and I celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday. He had me close my eyes and drove me around for like 20mins mostly because he wound up getting lost! rofl. He got super annoyed at me because I have an awesome internal compass, so I totally knew where we were. He eventually told me where we were going because he couldn't find the restaurant. I was indeed super surprised! We went to an Indian place! I absolutely LOVE Indian food, but in the 2 years we'd been married, for some reason, we never had any. It was delicious and awesome. After that we got some delicious DQ treats and watched Piranha 3D. The stuff magic is made of! Overall it was a pretty awesome day.

Tuesday is also when I got everything all lined up to start school in a few weeks! Technically I could have started on 08/21, but the financial aid people are all backed up and therefore I'll have to wait till 09/04. Hurray though! I'm finally starting.

In other news, just when we'd given up that Hubbs was going to get his old job back for this school year, he got called for an interview for Friday!! Very exciting stuff. So much of our financial burden will be lifted if he can get this job again. So here's to hoping! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

BabyWatch2012 concludes tonight!! The SiL is getting induced tonight at 8pm. She's really hoping the labor is short, considering her last kid seriously popped out in less than an hour! We're both going over to their house around 7, Hubbs will watch the kids and I'll tag along with the SiL and her husband to the hospital. I'm nervous but excited to see a baby being born! It will be pretty awesome. At this point, since I've pretty much given up hope on having a biological child, it'll be nice to see the whole thing. Even though it'll probably be really gross too. lol.

Hubbs' mom is coming into town on Monday. I totally knew we were going to get the call to drive her down here from the airport. The airport is not close... it's over an hour away. We have to drive all the way up there just to get her and come back down. I called it. Just because we're the only couple without children, people think we can just do stuff at the drop of a hat. Boo. Luckily, the MiL will have lots of new grand-babies to distract her and hopefully won't miss us being around.

We're heading to Vegas next week! We'll leave Thursday morning and come back Sunday. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Pool lounging, fine dining, and puppy playing will be way fun. Have to remember to bring the allergy medicine though. I always forget and then spend half our time there sneezing like mad! It'll be nice to see family too because now we won't get to see them for Thanksgiving like we originally thought.

The week we get back, Hubbs' father is coming into town as well! It's going to be crazy. They're planning a whole weekend full of family fun, which for me, gets a little overwhelming. There are 4 people in my immediate family. Mom, dad, brother, me. Hubbs has 8 people in his immediate family. Not to mention the crazy number of aunts and uncles that always seem to pop up. I'm going to need a nice little Vegas vacation to mentally prepare myself for the onslaught of relatives and the incessant questions about why we don't have kids yet.... bah. Maybe keeping our infertility a secret is a mistake at this point. We've been dealing with this for a year now, the first half of which we suffered alone. Hubbs' two sisters that live here know about our struggles, but not the rest of the family. I guess I just hate the idea of everyone knowing our business. I'm a private person! Which of course is why I choose to anonymously bare my soul for the whole of the interwebz. lol. Oh well, I'm sure once we've started the adoption process officially, we'll announce that and it will keep everyone from asking us when we'll have kids. We can just say "whenever the agency decides to give us one!" instead of being tempted to yell at them and say "we can't have any and thanks for bringing it up!" definitely a more positive interaction. lol.

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