Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Take it Back

So the screams of my SiL have been haunting me. Last night and the night before I totally had nightmares about people giving birth! I think I've been scarred for life! I have absolutely zero interest in ever having a baby pop out of my vagina. This just might be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. As an infertile, being unable to make babies plagues your every thought. You see their cute little faces and go aww, I want one! No more, people... no more. I have been cured! Not of infertility, I'mma rock that b*tch for the rest of my life, but I have been cured of my desire to HAVE the babies myself. Best day ever. I think if every woman could actually go SEE a woman giving birth, like with their own eyes in the same room, not on a tv screen... it would so cure them of baby fever or any desire whatsoever to reproduce. They should start this in middle school health classes instead of that crappy video. Seriously. I would have waited even longer to have sex. Heck, we went to the store yesterday and even though I can't make babies I was still seriously considering buying condoms. lol.

Sure I still want children. Hubbs and I are even talking about fostering instead of adopting right away. Our state has a foster-to-adopt program. Basically with children under 5, you foster them, but if their family issues don't get worked out, then you have the option to adopt. We're still thinking about it, but at least it's on the table.

No longer are my thoughts consumed with the fact that my insides are broken. I couldn't care less. I cannot even begin to express what an unbelievable relief that is.

In other news, Hubbs is done with his summer classes and has about a 2 week break before fall semester starts. At this point I have about 3 weeks before my classes starts. He totally rocked all of his finals and got A's in pretty much everything. What a showoff. lol.

Tonight we're going to a BBQ over at Hubbs' other sister's house. Obviously not the one that just popped out a human. lol. Should be fun. We really don't know the other people going all that well, but hey, maybe we'll actually make some new friends for once.

This idea randomly popped into my head the other day, and I was bored, so as of right now, I'm about 4 chapters into a book. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it is a fun, nice distraction and feels slightly more productive that playing WoW all day. I had Hubbs take a little read and he definitely likes the concept. I feel like I'm struggling a bit with the dialogue... oh well. Practice makes perfect and hopefully, buy the end, I'll wind up with an almost readable piece of crappy literature! Go me!

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