Friday, August 24, 2012

I Think AF is Confused

So it's supposed to be AF time. My stupid cycle predictor has been claiming it for the last week... and yet all I've seen is a minute amount of spotting. Like little enough to make you go, wait, what?!? Something weird is going on here. See here's my chart! I really wish I'd tracked temps... oh well.

AF is totally just f*cking with me at this point I just know it. Everything is lining up great. I'm all set to start school, I've lined up at least 2 job offers. Still waiting to hear back from one and have an interview for yet another on Tuesday.

For the first time ever in the history of our marriage, getting preggo now would be the worst possible timing ever. I'm going to test tomorrow.

2 days of spotting plus lower back pain and the fact that we actually had sex around the "right time" is leading me to believe in the very off chance that there could actually be something prenatal going on up in my lady bizness.

Fearing the test tomorrow. It's so weird, after spending so many months, so much money, and so many doctor's visits wishing and hoping for those 2 little pink lines... I have absolutely no idea how I would feel if they actually popped up now.

I feel like I'm kind of on a roller-coaster here and I'm just gonna go along for the ride. Let's see what happens!

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