Friday, August 10, 2012

BabyWatch2012 Concludes!

When my SiL first suggested that I be there for the birth of her next child, I was hesitant. Frightened of the images from my past, portrayals in movies or the everlasting horror that was the Miracle of Life video most of us were forced to watch in middle school... a part of me, however, was intrigued. How many other times in my life would I get the opportunity to actually see someone give birth? I was thinking none. lol.

After one early labor that was stopped at the hospital after about 3 hours... the day had finally come. The SiL was scheduled to be induced on 8/9/12. We went over to their house, Hubbs stayed and watched the kids whilst I headed off to the hospital with the noticably more relaxed than last time couple. Check in was much slower, paperwork actually got filed, all very boring blah blah.

We get to the room and she's only at 4cm. They called the doctor, but uh-oh, he's magically delayed and won't be there for another hour at least. Good times. She finally caves and allows them to start her on a tiny tiny dose of petocin before the doctor gets there. He arrives, the petocin really hasn't done anything so he breaks her water. Icky. Seriously. Lots of complaints of cold wetness and light pain later... still not really dilated that far.

Lots of waiting and occasional wailing later, the SiL gets the urge to go to the bathroom. From the depths of the loo I hear wall-shaking screams of what must be intense pain. She says she's getting the urge to push, nurses run in, check and tell her to go ahead and push. A few pushes later they tell her to stop. Turns out she's only dilated 6cm. At this point her back is killing her, from some sort of terrible horror called "back labor" it sounds awful, do not recommend. lol. From here she's in so much pain she yells for an epidural. The doctor is just hovering outside her door because he knows that any minute that baby is gonna pop right out. About halfway through the anesthesiologist stabbing her in the back with a giant ass needle.... she knows this time for sure that the baby is coming. She yells something about how there's no way she can stop it and gogo! The anesthesiologist starts throwing stuff just to get it in fast enough so she can lie down and push. The doctor is frantically putting on gloves and getting on his green scrub shirt thing. Literally 3 pushes later I have an adorable little niece! Especially once they cleaned her up a bit. Way cuter. Lol.

A few things that stuck with me. Holy crap giving birth is a horrible, terrible, messy, messy, terrifying thing... but at the same time. There's something incredibly magical about it. When the SiL and her husband got to see their baby for the first time it was absolutely amazing. You could see the absolute complete love in their eyes.

I'm kind of a jumble of emotions... I'm relieved at knowing that there's a good chance that I will never get to experience the act of bringing life into the world. At the same time though, a part of me is a little sad. Not getting to feel that relief of knowing the worst is over and getting to see this tiny little person I'd carried around for so long for the first time. At least though, I'll get to say I saw it at least once. I got to hold a minutes old infant in my arms and fawn over her. I was the very first family member (aside from her parents obviously) to welcome her into the world. She looked up at me with those sparkly eyes and tear-streaked chubby little cheeks and I got to introduce myself as her aunt. She won't remember that moment, but I am certain that it will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Welcome to the world my beautiful pudgy little niece! Born 8/9/12 at 10:43pm weighing 8lbs 11oz and 19in long! I am honored and very happy that I was able to be there!


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Giving birth is not as horrible as you may think. I've done it twice, naturally, no pain killers.
    Evalina, This and that...

    1. Yes, she assures me that it was her absolute worst birth ever and feels really badly that I was partially traumatized. Lol. I'm sure it's not all that bad usually. I just really don't have a desire to ever do it, and seeing as how our chances of conceiving naturally aren't that high, I'm really glad for the experience.
      Now I really don't feel like I'm missing out on much. Eventually we will still have a child to love and be awesome parents to, s/he just won't have popped out of my vagina, and that's ok by me. Lol.