Sunday, August 26, 2012

Including the Childless

Today was the final day of family fun time. Ended with a baby blessing and a spontaneous luncheon and photo session. Hubbs' Grandparents, Parents, and his family that lives in town with their brood of kids were there as well. Everyone was dressed up and they decided to do an impromptu photo shoot to commemorate the joining of 4 generations of family.

Of course Hubbs and I were relegated to camera holding and photo snapping whilst the happy families and their ability to produce children were proudly displayed. After about 5 minutes of this, anyone would start to feel like a 17th wheel. Lol. It was really quite hard.

I have to say though, I am so glad for Hubbs' eldest sister. She's sleep deprived, caught a severe cold from her mother, and very tired of hosting family with a 2 week-old baby... but she remembered to include us. She wanted a picture of us with all 4 of her kids which made me feel very loved, included and happy. I feel very lucky to have her in as sister and to be a part of her kids' lives.

I think it's very easy, whether at family gatherings or what-have-you, when everyone is gathered around and fawning over the kids, to forget about those who aren't lucky enough to have kids just yet. So if you see a childless couple standing off to the side... don't be afraid to make them feel welcome, to make them feel included, even for just a little while. Sometimes, being around kids is extremely hard, especially in situations where it points out how out of place you are without them. It can make the world of difference to someone going through a hard time.


  1. Glad to hear your SIL included you in the fun as well That is great especially with a new baby and lots going on. I never had children and lost my hubby early on, so I know the feeling left out feeling. My family is very large (I am one of 6 sibs) and and 4 of us have kids..some lots of them. I was labeled the widow at 40..ugh... But most times I think the happy times people just get caught up in the happy moments and forget to be sensitive. I am God Mother to 3 of the nieces and nephews and and a favorite auntie. I love how the kids show their love for me. All the best to you...

  2. Hey Winnie! Yes, it is fun to be the favorite Aunt. Hubbs and I were just recently named the godparents to his sister's 4 awesome kids. It's so awesome just to be a part of their lives and get to see them grow and say those priceless things that kids tend to say.

    Hope things are going well for you!