Thursday, August 23, 2012

On to Bigger and Better Things

Very exciting things have been happening in the land of IF.

A few months ago, when I desperately needed a job or else we were going to starve, I couldn't find one to save our lives... now I'm racking up the job offers and interviews and shooing others away with sticks! In a little over a week I've scored 4 job interviews and 2 job offers. I've started training at one job, which is a contract job that only goes till October. I interviewed for job #3 today and I seriously hope I get it. It sounds like it would be absolutely perfect for me and fits into my schedule amazingly. I'll find out tomorrow if I've gotten it or not so keep your fingers crossed for me! It was weird, in the interview it was super obvious that they really liked me, but later made sure to make it seem like I wasn't the only one who applied and that they would "let me know by the end of the week" which is tomorrow. lol. The job posting had been open for almost a month already by the time I applied and they got back to me insanely quickly. I don't know, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I really want this job!

Hubbs goes back to school on Monday and I start my night shift at job #1. We're going to see so little of each other!! At least we'll still have the weekends for funsies. Things are FINALLY on track for me to start school. Not sure if I'll start Sept 4th or 17th, but either way, the wheels are in motion! Hurray!

Hubbs' family is still in town, they're leaving Monday I think... So begins the weekend of jam-packed family time. I have to miss the shenanigans tomorrow though for my last day of training. It's so cool, I get into the office my scanning my thumbprint! So high tech and amazing! Makes me feel like I'm in a spy movie! Lol. Saturday should be good though, there's gonna be some sort of KFC BBQ type thing.

In other exciting news I'm studying to get my motorcycle learner's permit so I can get a scooter! EEEK! I'm soooo excited for my scooter! It'll be easier to commute that way and this way Hubbs will have the car for school and I can bounce around from school to work and not have to waste tons of gas. I love our Subaru, but holy jeepers does it om nom nom the gasoline!! It'll be a nice change of pace to spend $3 and get 100+ miles out of it.

Vegas was good. Hubbs got so sunburned, I butchered my foot and still have trouble walking, but it was nice to see the doggies and my family. Apparently my parents have decided that they're selling the house and downgrading. May complicate visits in the future but good for them. Hope they find something big enough though, cause we would really rather not have to stay with my brother and his wife who may or may not be getting divorced. It was super awkward, but I guess my parents are really hoping it happens. All I'm saying is if it does, I better get my grandmother's ring that my brother gave to her. I've been wanting that ring ever since I was little, not just as a way to remember my Grandmother, who was amazing, but also because that ring is effing gorgeous. Sure it won't fit my fat fingers... but I wants it! It's mine! My precious!

Also, next week we're having our meeting to discuss getting started on the adoption process. The first step in a very long and I'm sure very emotional roller-coaster-y road... but we are so incredibly thrilled to be starting on this journey!

Anyway. I'll keep you all up to date on all of the exciting things going on around here. Leave a comment, say hi readers! It'd be nice to know that real people stop by and not just bots. =)


  1. I am happy to see things are shaping up nicely for you...hope you get the job you want, and that your hubby enjoys his classes. It seems to me things either run smooth, or they are bumpy all at once.... Here's to some smooth sailing for you!