Saturday, August 4, 2012

Movie Trailer Tears and Other Things

Isn't it just so totally awesome when watching just a trailer for a movie makes you cry? Lol. Last time it was Big Miracle and I blame the fertility meds for that one. This time however I have no excuse. Seeing a trailer about an IF couple who gives up on having kids and then get a magical one totally did me in. So going to have to go see this when it comes out it looks really sweet. See! Totally fit in this month's theme in another post. Win! The Odd Life of Timothy Green.


In other news I spent the afternoon yesterday with my very pregnant sister in-law. We had some yummy lunch and got haircuts. It was a nice relaxing, fun day. Hubbs and I are going over to their house tonight for some dinner and game night awesomeness.

Last night was interesting. Hubbs got super down on himself for forgetting to apply for residency for the upcoming semester and was FREAKING THE HECK OUT! It took hours to get him back to normal. I told him it was no big deal and that the school could fix it really fast but off he went being all negative and weird. We'll get it all taken care of on Monday. We've decided that it would be better if I attend the school closer to us. This way I'll have the time and energy to maybe find a part-time job, and certainly the time to donate plasma, which would bump up our income a lot. So that's good. Heading up on Tuesday to take the placement test and get the ball rolling so I can start the first week of September. This way I'll also get to babysit my nieces and nephew a few times a week, which will also be nice.

I've been very good in sticking to my resolutions. I've even been tracking my food intake on sparkpeople and find it really helps if I plot out what I'm going to eat before I eat it, rather than after. Lol. That's how I wound up with a 3,500+ calorie day earlier in the week. If I plot it all out ahead of time, then I can actually eat within my daily calorie range of about 1,800. Go me! I've even tried drinking more water and switching to diet soda instead of regular. Hurray! Small victories ftw. 

Hubbs randomly mentioned to me the other day how much better it would be to adopt an older child. I tend to agree. We really have no desire to adopt a newborn like so many other couples. We're perfectly happy with a 1-3 year old. The adoption people we've been talking to say this should cut down on our wait time, but that's not the only reason we want an older one. Hubbs' eldest sister did mention that it might be a bit harder in the beginning because you'll likely have some behavioral problems to sort out before they start school, but since we're planning on this being our first child, it will be good that we'll have the time and attention to devote to correcting that. We'll see what happens. Technically we could begin the process as early as this month! With the way our finances are however, we think it would be better to wait until at least one of us has a steady job. I'm glad that we've gotten to the point though where Hubbs and I are on the same page about what we want in a child. Aged 1-3, male, and we don't care what race. So wish us luck with that. You know it's funny, we play the name game a lot and try to pick out good names for our future kids, we have a WAY easier time coming up with girl names than boy names. We have one boy first name we like and two middle names, but that's it. Girls we have like, four first/middle name combos that we like. We're silly. Especially since we know we want a boy perhaps we should start working on more options. Lol. 

We're thinking also about maybe taking a trip down to Vegas before the fall semester starts. Blow off some steam, swim in the pool every day, eat delicious food, and see family. Pretty much the only time we can manage it would be in two weeks, coinciding with the arrival of Hubbs' mother here. She'll be staying for three weeks though, so maybe she won't get offended that we leave literally two days after she arrives. Oh well. You can't please everyone, right? Besides, she'll have a new baby and her three month old other granddaughter to fuss over. We're not a big deal when compared to new babies. Lol.

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