Friday, June 21, 2013


Well readers, let me tell you... the universe has an AMAZING sense of humor. Just when Hubbs and I had given up all hope, and we started planning our early retirement, this happens.

I've been feeling crampy and weird, and definitely expecting AF to arrive. I thought I'd be funny and pee on a stick like I do sometimes when I want to remind myself that my insides are broken and not to bother holding on to a shred of hope that maybe this time will be different. 

Seriously, I did a double take. I was like... No... NO really.... WHAT THE FUCK!? Then I sat there shaking for a good 5 minutes. Hubbs had already left for work, so when he got home, I sprang the news on him. 

I was all sneaky about it too. I changed the desktop background on my computer, and was like, "Oh, I changed my background picture, want to see?" and them BAM!

I think we're both in the shocked stage and aren't really sure what to think. It's just such a HUGE surprise. So coming Valentine's Day 2014... a miracle, mystery baby of magicalness.