Saturday, June 8, 2013

Testing the Relationship

I don't know if there's a possible better test in a relationship than to have your "other" try to teach you how to do something.

Hubbs and I bought a "new" car. It's a total piece of crap we found on craigslist for $400. It might not look pretty, but at least it runs. The difficulty with this new vehicle is that it has a manual transmission. I cannot drive stick. I tried to learn once with my mother and that was a terrible, terrible mistake. I rage-quit after about a block.

Hubbs and I fared a little better. After mastering the whole "starting from a stop" thing, I managed to drive the 2 miles to his sister's house to show off our purchase. It went pretty well, and I only stalled twice. Hubbs was definitely trying to be encouraging, but he just kept saying "you're cool" and I always responded with "I KNOW I'm cool" Probably doesn't help that he uses "you're cool bro" as a sarcastic slap when he's gaming with his guildies.  He definitely had a frustrated tone, but was kind, patient, and gave helpful constructive criticism.

The scariest thing by far is when you stall on a hill, or have to start from a stop on a hill... has there ever been a more horrifying thing? Why does the car roll back so much and why oh why do you have to give it so much gas to get it going again? I'm not sure which one of us will be driving the new car to work... but until I get the hang of this whole "stick" thing, it's definitely not going to be me. lol.

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