Friday, June 28, 2013

"Pregnancy with Threatened Abortion"

Dear Healthcare Provider,

I'm pretty sure you should actually talk it over with your patient before adding this frighteningly scary phrase to their file. When someone is already fearing the viability of their pregnancy and you randomly slap it in there, and they log on to check their conditions and stuff... it makes for a mild heart attack.
Whoever decided this was a good idea needs a serious talking to. I bet it was that ancient nurse who let me wait around for an hour and a half before telling me the Dr was stuck at the hospital. Who chalked up all my concerns to first pregnancy jitters or whatever. You don't know my history, lady, and I know that my risks are far higher than 90% of the women who walk through your doors, so shut your face, and make me and my baby feel important. Pretty sure I'm going to ask for a different nurse. This doctor better not be a douchebag.


 Today I'm going in for the results of my 2-day apart Betas and my progesterone test. Both which I had to insist on getting. Seriously hated that nurse. Hopefully, I will hear good news, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
I've been trying to figure out how far along I am, but most of those due date calculators take into account your cycle length as well... so I've heard anywhere from Feb 18th - March 6th. That's a huge difference! Hopefully the Beta levels will give them a better idea of how far along I actually am.
Part of me still really thinks its twins, but I'm not sure if that's just because that's what I'm hoping for. Maybe they'll throw in an ultrasound today to make up for being such jerks last time. One can dream. lol.
Yesterday I had my first real bout with morning sickness, I'd been burpy and weird other days, but yesterday I ate a blueberry muffin for breakfast. Baby does NOT like blueberries. I spent the next several hours feeling like I was going to puke and burping up a storm. I have what I like to call "an iron stomach" and I rarely puke. Yesterday was about as close as I get, so that was fun.
I'm also hoping that at this appointment, I'm less stressed. When I went to Planned Parenthood on Monday for my confirmation for my insurance application, my BP was 120/80 like always. Tuesday, when I went to the new Dr's office and bitch-nurse was taking my BP, it was 154/100. YIKES. I'm sure it doesn't help that I was nervous as all hell. I just need to remember to take deep breaths, relax, and try to let go of all of the fear. We'll see... 

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