Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I should have paid closer attention to this month's theme before I decided to participate. Roots and Family History in general always got me down. In middle school we had to do an assignment for health class about our family history of medical conditions. I was excused and just got to write a paper on a disease I wanted.
I'm adopted, like so many people out there. Talking about my "family history" always felt like a lie. I am not really a part of these people. Their genetic background and ethnic identity is not mine.
On tests or job applications I always refuse to identify or just mark "other".
Looking at me, everyone just assumes I'm white, and maybe I am, but from where? Am I Russian? Swedish? Austrian? English? South African? Or am I not completely white at all? I would love to find out... but that's just not possible.
Hubbs' family has this incredibly long, rich history. They've traced their family tree all the way back to the way, way back... like 1000AD. That's awesome, but it's just another way that I feel left out.

The past few NaBloPoMo's I've been slackering. Busy with work and feeling slightly blue, I just wasn't up for posting. I think this month I shall redouble my efforts and actually post every day. Even if it's just a random observation or tidbit from the day. This is my new goal and I hope it works out. I think I felt daunted by always trying to have something worthwhile or meaningful to say... perhaps sometimes it's better to just keep it short and sweet.

To the new readers, welcome! To the old ones, thanks for coming back! This blog started out as Hubbs and my journey through the difficult world of Infertility. We're now moving on and choosing to remain childless, and we're ok with that. Here now, are some snippets of our lives, just the two of us... and a furbaby or two. Here's to June and yes, celebrating our roots.

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