Sunday, June 16, 2013

Making Friends

Sometimes, when I meet someone knew, after about a minute, I think to myself "man, I would really like to be friends with this person." Once this thought occurs to me, I then get all shy and silent if we're in a group, an super nervous. Needless to say, I am not friends with any of these people.

I'm just so awkward. Even looking back, all of the best friends I've had were friends of people I'd become friends with without even trying, or maybe it was out of necessity.

As an adult, I am so challenged at friend-making. Sure I've got my internet friends, through WoW, etc. Some of them I've even met in real life and we get along great. I have no idea how to just go out there and make friends. Hubbs and I have lived here for 3 years, edging in on the start of year 4, and we have ZERO friends.

I assume you're supposed to go about it by meeting people with the same interests and then somehow figuring out that you should hang out with these people more often? I don't know. Anyone have any tips because at this point, I think we're that weird couple that everyone just avoids. lol.

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