Monday, June 10, 2013

Kitty Cat Achoo.

Hubbs and I are both allergic to cats, which is inconvenient considering we both really love cats. His allergies are more severe than mine, I lived with a cat just fine for several years.

We're lucky enough to live in a state where there are several breeders who specialize in the breeds touted to be more allergy-friendly than others. We've arranged to go meet up with a few of them, spread out over several months to see how well the allergies hold up.

Obviously, we would prefer to adopt than go to a breeder, it's mostly just to figure out which cat breeds our allergies can tolerate. In the area, we've got Oriental Shorthair, Sphynx, Bengal, and Siberians breeders to go visit. I've seen that a lot of shelters have Russian Blues, but I have no idea how we'd manage to visit with one without the presence of other cat hair and stuff skewing our test. 

Maybe the state we move to next with have a breed rescue for a breed that Hubbs' allergies will get along with. It'll be at least a year before we move anywhere, or can actually get a cat, but it would be nice to know that there might be one in our future.

I was joking the other day though that we should just have hamsters forever since they're easy and never poop anywhere you don't want them to and don't whine at you all the time to throw a tennis ball for them. lol. It will be much nicer when we actually have our own place with a yard, then it won't even be an issue.

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