Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Oatmeal Wins Again

I find The Oatmeal hilarious and always head to his site for a good giggle, I noticed something doubly hilarious to me.

He has several "Horrible Cards" that are vastly superior to your everyday greeting card. Two of them in particular, however, would be absolutely PERFECT for Hubbs to give me because seriously... these cards are tiny little snippets of our lives.

It's like he's sitting on a tree branch just outside our window stalking our lives. Absolutely perfect. Perhaps there's a card in there for you too. (disclaimer, some of them are definitely not ok for kids. lol)

** Please note that all images in this post belong to The Oatmeal (aka Matthew Inman), I'm not trying to steal credit, please don't sue me. Go to his site and see all of the glorious hilariousness for yourself **

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