Friday, January 10, 2014

Family Date Night

Tonight we're heading out to our favorite Chinese buffet with Hubbs' sister and her family. After that, we're going to Hubbs' eldest sister's house for game night. We pretty much figured we should get all of our socializing out of the way now, since who knows when this baby is going to decide to pop out.

My Dr is going to start doing cervical checks at 36 weeks. Apparently because my uterus is a bit irritable and also because this baby is HUUUUGE. No one at this point believes we'll make it all the way to 40 weeks.

Tomorrow involves a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings (aka BW3's) to watch the Seahawks game. Hubbs is a die hard Seahawks fan and every game we've watched from BW3's they've won. So clearly, there is no question that's where we need to watch this game.

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