Monday, January 20, 2014

Sleep Time

Seriously, I am so tired all of the time. I go to bed around 10 or 11-ish and wake up around 3:30 -4. Eventually, I fall back to sleep after an hour or so and wake up around 10 or 11. I still feel the need for a nap in the middle of the day.

I've still been having contractions on and off and while they feel like they've definitely gotten stronger, they're far more sporadic and irregular. I seriously have no idea what to expect when real labor finally happens. These past two weeks of false labor have been kicking my ass. If the 5-1-1 rule doesn't work, then what will?!

In other news, Hubbs is leaving shortly to pick us up some donuts, because even though it's late, I am craving them something fierce. Donuts and like, and entire gallon of milk. Sounds totally amazing right now. I just have to stay awake long enough to eat them. lol.

My parents are prepping for their trip up here. Apparently they're going to rent a car and drive up and just hang out in a hotel. I want to wait a while before we allow visitors, but they're planning on driving up once I'm in labor. If they want to sit around bored in a hotel room, that's totally fine I suppose. I think having visitors in the hospital is weird, so we're just going to wait until we're home to allow it. I kind of wish we could get away with a week of bonding and just figuring out a schedule and stuff, but that's a little too much to ask for. Oh well.

Filling out this background check packet is seriously hard. List every single job you've ever had over the last 10 years... for some people, maybe that list isn't so long, but for me, it's a lot. I was excited when I calculated I was only waiting for 4 W2's this year. That's far better than last year's 6 in my opinion. Hopefully I can say I only have 1 for 2014. That would be nice. Everyone is very convinced I'll pass all of the tests, but I'm not so sure. A lie detector and a psych profile are scary things to think about. I know the trick is "don't lie" and "go with your gut answer" for each, but it's still scary.

February is almost here. I've become increasingly aware that this kid could seriously pop out any day now and I'm really not freaking out. I kind of just want her to get here already and I still have 4 weeks to go until the due date. At least my OB still thinks I'm not making it that far, so it's kind of nice to know she'll likely be born before that.

The biggest news in our house from this week though, is that the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. Hubbs could not be more excited. Watching the game on Sunday was incredibly intense and it was definitely not good for my BP. Maybe the baby will be good and decide to stay in until after the game, but who knows. Hubbs still wants her to be born the day the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, maybe he'll get lucky.

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