Thursday, January 9, 2014

Normal BP What?

My BP was normal at my appointment today! It was magical! I still have to go in for NST's once a week, but I don't have another Dr's appointment until 36 weeks. I didn't even have to take home a pee jug! Seriously, best Dr's visit ever.

Ducky is still measuring big and my amniotic fluid is normal, but on the higher edge of normal. She passed her NST and was super active the whole time. It was a major pain trying to get her to stay on the monitor.

I've still been having some contractions. The Dr said to call if they are 10 minutes apart for 3 hours. That's much better than the 4 an hour. Now that I'm close enough to the due date, they're not as worried about PTL I guess.

A lot of the baby stuff is set up and ready to go, all Hubbs needs to do is a few loads of laundry now. It's all coming together and it feels pretty great. Sure I hurt and I can't do stuff, but knowing that the end is near makes it all just feel... awesome. 

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