Wednesday, December 4, 2013

28-Week Check-Up

Ducky is still doing well, which is good. My BP is still a bit high, so I get to enjoy the magical wonder that is the 24-hour Urine Collection something or another. It sounds pretty annoying. Collect ALL of the pee in a 24 hour period and store it in a giant jug in the fridge... oh joy. I'm going in every 2 weeks now to keep a close eye on the BP and to monitor me to make sure I don't develop preeclampsia.

I had the blood draw for my 2nd RhoGAM shot, which I have to go back for tomorrow. I also got my 2nd 1-hour glucose test done at the same time. For future reference, the fruit punch flavor tastes way better than the orange. Eventually I just pinched my nose and chugged it down. If I fail this one though, apparently the 3-hour test is lime flavor, so that could be fun. It would be really nice not to have to worry about the diabeetus in addition to the possibility of preeclampsia, so here's to hoping this test comes back fine.  

I'd applied for a job back in September that I was excited about because it had a salary and everything. They invited me to test for it yesterday. Perfect timing... really. I'm going to ask when they think the job will actually start, because if it's not for a while, there's a chance I could still do it. If it's soon however, there's absolutely no point of going through training and then immediately going on maternity leave.

I think I'm just going to take it easy and relax and try not to worry about the things I can't control. Hopefully, at the end of it all, we'll wind up with a real live baby and everything will be just fine. 


  1. Sounds like you are having a time of it for sure! I have Lupus and my pregnancy was high risk so I have been through these things and know exactly what you mean. I was glad in some weird way to be going to the doctor so often just so I could hear the heartbeat and the doctor say "all's well, see ya in a couple weeks". That was 26 years ago and my son is the best miracle ever! Keep the faith m'dear and I wish you all the best!

    I chose your post through the NaBloPoMo thread for today! If you have a moment I would love for you to read mine. I am VERY new to this, just a month or so. Any comments or advice would be wonderful.

  2. Oh man, I hate those glucose tests. I am 19 weeks tomorrow, so I still have mine to look forward to. I only get the orange flavor (blech) and I heard that the lime was worse; just a tip from the phlebotomist. I hope everything turns out ok for you and PreE never develops!

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!