Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is It Naptime?

I feel like I spend the majority of my time lately trying to figure out when I can take a nap. A lot of the time, it's whenever the heck I want.

Yesterday I tested for a job, and was invited back to interview today. I think it went well, apparently there are 2 open positions and they're interviewing 5 candidates. The nice part is, they maintain a list of the people who pass all of the steps, and then hire from the list as more openings pop up. Hopefully this works out because it would be nice to have a salary and a stable job for once. They also don't seem to care that I'm 7 months pregnant, and are totally fine with me starting the job in March or April after Ducky is born.

Hubbs' last day of school is today. Super proud of him for deciding to go back and finish his degree. He doesn't get to "walk" until May, but it'll be nice that he's done.

Tomorrow is my first bi-monthly check-up at the OB to make sure that my BP is behaving and I don't develop pre-ecclampsia. I've noticed some extra symptoms over the last week, luckily none of them pre-ecclampsia related, but I'm going to have to ask about them anyway. Better safe than dead has always been my life motto, and I think it's especially relevant in pregnancy.

Hubbs and I had a nice 3am pillow chat last night. Fears for raising a kid and what love means to us. I've never been overly romantic, and when thinking about marriage, I really just wanted to find someone I could stand to be around for the rest of my life. I think the way every person feels loved is different, and therefore the way everyone feels the emotion of love is different as well.

I've really been craving playtime with a kitten lately. I have no idea why. Maybe it's some sort of weird mothering instinct, but I am so all about playing with a kitten right now. I love those snuggly little purring furballs. Is there anything better than a tiny kitten napping on your chest? Why yes, Hubbs is allergic to cats, and yes, I am also allergic to cats. I pretty much just deal with it because they are so darn adorable. I also really want another pet, maybe I just desire things to take care of. I know that this kid will pop out soon enough and she'll take up ALL of my time.

I was slightly disappointed to learn that my insurance only covers a manual breast pump. If I get this job, it means I will definitely need an electric pump, although if I get this job, I'll be able to afford a fancy pump. I'm also hoping to be able to pump for Hubbs' shifts so he doesn't have to wake me up to plop a baby on my chest every few hours. I'm just hoping my boobs cooperate, because free boob milk sounds a lot better than expensive formula.

Well this post was all over the place, as per usual lately. lol. Something tells me it's time for one of my famous afternoon naps. 

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