Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hormonal Mess?

I was under the impression that pregnant women were supposed to have crazy mood swings and be hyper-emotional due to all of the hormonal changes... I'm still waiting for that to happen. Maybe I'm just lucky and managed to escape the awfulness, or perhaps it's just waiting to strike.

Hubbs only has a week left of school and we're going to have a "super date" to celebrate next Wednesday. An afternoon trip to the movies to see "The Hobbit", followed by a delightful and delicious dinner at Carrabba's. We have a gift card for the restaurant, which will be nice, we can splurge and go a little nuts with it.

I cracked open the hot chocolate last night, big mistake. lol. I've discovered that Ducky definitely likes it so I think I'll have a cup a day. It's been pretty cold in the apartment and despite the fact that I'm bundled up in sweats and blankets, the cocoa helps keep me nice and toasty. Hubbs has forbidden me from messing with the thermostat anymore because at night he roasts to death. I really need to find the box that my slippers are packed away in...

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